6 Sessions Afterschool (Limited Spot) - Battle Robots / Safari Zone

ROBOTHINK-6sessions May31-June9
240.00 240.0 USD
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Limited Session Only This Month!
Students can explore and experience for robotics program in Limited session!

It's Only 6 sessions but children can gist the knowledge of robotics and having an experiencing.

Understanding mainboard, connect wire, using controller editing coding program, ordering move robots!

Exciting, fun and educational robotics program!

May 31 - June 1, June 2, June 7, June 8 , June 9th 4:30 PM - 5:40PM

Age 7-14 : 

Recommend : Beginner / who wants to experience robotics/ who wants to gist of robotics knowledge

Battle Robots!

    Do you think you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head- to-head combat mission? Learn engineering strategies for        building sturdy structures using unique RoboThink bricks, and then apply that knowledge to build multiple robot for a variety of friendly competitions.          You'll have a blast as you play robot soccer, compete in robot relay races, and complete dozens of other fun challenges in this fun robotics program.

    Entrepreneurship and art will be introduced to accompany the STEM elements.  If you choose a full day session there will be a 1 hour break for lunch        and rest.  Younger siblings are welcome to stay and play at Imagine That for 50% of the regular price.  If you plan to drop off but want to see what your      children have created please plan to be back 15 minutes early.

CALL : 571-439-1433  Email : fairfax@myrobothink.com

Self-Driving Cars

Let's hit the road! As the head of their new car company, your child will create a brand name, logo and line of cars, as well as some of their favorite motorized vehicles! Students will learn about gear ratios, sensors, energy, entrepreneurial skills and more! Your child will learn about a few things that’re under the hood as they build the original smart car, modern day autonomous vehicles, rubber band racers and much more.

CALL : 571-439-1433  Email : fairfax@myrobothink.com

Safari Zone

Are you ready for a fun filled week of robot animals?

At RoboThink's Animal Safari Zone, you'll get a chance to build a wide variety of robotic animal creations. Along the way, you'll learn about how to build robots, learn to minic motion using motors and get a chance to create your very own animal bot! 

This course is a great way to introduce students into the world of robotics.

CALL : 571-439-1433  Email : fairfax@myrobothink.com

6 Sessions Afterschool (Limited Spot) - Battle Robots / Safari Zone (2022-05-31 - 2022-06-10)
Date & Time

May 31, 2022

Start - 1:30 PM Friday

June 10, 2022

End - 2:40 PM US/Pacific

Robothink McLean, Virginia

1340 Old Chain Bridge Road McLean, VA
Mclean VA 22101 United States
+1 571-439-1433
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Robothink McLean, Virginia

+1 571-439-1433

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