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Unleash Your Child's Potential with Our Advanced Robotics Engineering Class!

Is your young innovator eager to take their robotic skills to the next level?
Here is exciting and educational Robotics Engineering Class for future students!

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Inquiry Class :  Call: 571-439-1433

Class Duration : 90minutes (Once a week)
Minimum registration : 3 months

AGE : K -12

Level :  Junior Engineer (K-1)

              Engineer 1&2 (Grade 2+ )

              Advanced Engineer Advanced (Grade - 5)

              Expert Engineer (Grade - 6)

              Master Engineer (Grade 6 + )

Small Group Class
All robotics classes are organized according to the level of students. All students need to consult with us, when they decide their class.

Introduction to Robotics

Our experienced instructors will explain the fundamentals of robotics, including the components, functionality, and potential applications in various fields.

Hands-on Demonstration:
Children will have the opportunity to observe and interact with a variety of robotic devices, including robots designed for exploration, industrial tasks, and even humanoid robots. They will witness firsthand how these machines operate and learn about their capabilities.

Robot Building:
Students will work in pairs or small groups to assemble and program their own mini-robots using simple, user-friendly kits. With guidance from our instructors, children will learn about basic programming concepts and witness their creations come to life.

Robot Challenges:
Engaging challenges and games will be conducted to enhance problem-solving skills and foster healthy competition among participants. These activities will encourage children to think critically and apply their newly acquired knowledge.4

How to Schedule:
Parents can contact us through either phone or email to schedule the demo class for their children. Our friendly staff will assist in finding a suitable time slot based on availability. 
Email : /  Phone: 571-4391433

Additionally, we request parents to fill out a Google Form, which will gather essential contact information. This will enable us to keep you informed about any updates or additional offerings related to robotics education.
Google form:  Google form for Regular Course

📍 Location: [1340 Old Chain Bridge RD, STE 203, McLean, VA]

🚀 Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on the winter fun!

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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